Keynotes 2021

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Suparna Rajaram (Stony Brook University)
APA Distinguished Lecturer
Title:  Social Remembering and Collective Memory Formation

Mihaela Iordanova (Concordia University)
Behavioral Neuroscience Keynote
Title:  Cortico-amygdala regulation of secondary fear triggers

Nora Newcombe (Temple University)
Cognitive Psychology Keynote
Title:  Learning without remembering? Semantic before episodic memory in development

Natalie Brito (NYU)
Developmental Psychology Keynote
Title:  Navigating the ABC’s of Developmental Science: Investigating Infant Development within Applied, Basic, and Cultural Contexts

Neil A Lewis, Jr (Cornell University)
Presidential Invited Address
Title:  From Good Intentions to Inclusive Actions: Achieving the Diversity Goals We Profess

Bernard Beins (Ithaca College)
EPA Presidential Address
Title: Critical Thinking: Psychology and Beyond

Grace I. L. Caskie (Lehigh University)
Clinical Psychology Keynote
Title:  Examining Ageism and Healthism: The Growing Need for Competent Mental Health Care for Older Adults

Warren Bickel (Virginia Tech)
Fred S. Keller Distinguished Lecturer
Title:  Reinforcer Pathology: The Behavioral Economics of Addiction & Obesity

Jasmine Mena (Bucknell University)
Applied Psychology Keynote
Title: Coping skills are necessary, but not sufficient: The influence of culture and context on the psychological adjustment of Black Latinxs

Jill Morawski (Wesleyan University)
History of Psychology Keynote
Title: TBA

Kurt F. Geisinger (Director, Buros Center)
Teaching of Psychology/International/Psi Chi Keynote
Title: Do Psychological Tests and Assessments Know Foreign Languages?

Yael Niv (Princeton University)
Learning Keynote
Title: Latent causes, prediction errors, and the organization of memory

Regan A.R. Gurung (Oregon State University)
Social Psychology Keynote
Title: Rolling with the Punches of COVID et al.: Psychological Science Training Tips

Nkiru Nnawulezi  (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
Community Psychology Keynote
Title:  Structural Racism Across the Domestic Violence Housing Continuum


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