2004 Minutes

Minutes of EPA 2004 Board of Directors Meeting
April 15, 2004
In attendance:
Members of the Board:
Carolyn Rovee Collier, Peter Balsam, Mark Bouton, Arnold Glass, Sam Cameron, Lynn Collins, Wendy Hill Harold Takooshian, Theodore Bosack, Sarah Leibowitz, Debra Zellner, Susan Dutch, Ralph Miller, Ethel Tobach, John Hogan
Committee Chairs & Staff:
George Spilich, Pat Santoro
Stanley Weiss, Lorraine Allan, Jeffery Fagen, Charles Flaherty, Sarah Jordan (APA)
1. The meeting was called to order at 3:30 PM in the Executive Room of the Omni Shoreham Hotel.
2. The new Board members and guests were introduced. Members recently elected to the Board (Weiss, Allan, Fagen, Flaherty) were invited to attend and observe the meeting prior to the start of their terms.
3. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
4. The Board agreed by consensus to try to conduct business by email in addition to the annual meeting.
5. Executive Officers Report – Bobbie Dihoff
This past year submission had been through the on-line MIS system, which was rented from APA. The Executive Officer noted several problems in using the system. In particular, she had difficulty tracking submissions once they were in the system, since they could only be tracked by ID number, rather than by title or author.
6. Treasurer’s Report – Sam Cameron
The Treasurer, Sam Cameron, was pleased to report that the deficit was much less than expected for the past year and projected, at worst, only a small deficit for the coming year.
The budget for 2004-2005 was unanimously approved.
The Treasurer expressed displeasure with the current accountant and suggested that it might be time to get a new one. Sam also stated that the current book keeping system didn’t do a good job in tracing sources of income.
7. Program Committee Report – Susan Dutch
Control of rotation of the Program Committee was discussed. It was mentioned that, contrary to the by-laws, members of the Program Committee had taken to appointing their successors. Appointment to the Program Committee is a prerogative of the Board.
A switch from overheads to Power Point as the meeting standard was discussed. It was agreed that the Board would decide by July how extensive the use of Power Point would be in the future.
  • It was agreed that only members should be able to submit proposals for the annual meeting. It was pointed out that this regulation was not being enforced. 
  • It was agreed that any on-line submission software adopted by EPA should be such as to restrict submissions to members.
  • It was agreed that any on-line submission software adopted by EPA be accessible to MAC users.
8. Election Committee Report – Carolyn Rovee Collier
Carolyn Rovee Collier reported that there were 269 ballots cast in election. Stanley Weiss was elected President and Lorraine Allan, Jeffery Fagan, and Charles Flaherty were elected to the Board of Directors.
Ralph Miller suggested adopting an Australian Ballot for future elections in which all the candidates are rank ordered and then ballots are counted by successively eliminating the candidate with the lowest number of votes and distributing that candidate’s votes among the other candidates. Since the Board did not have detailed written description of the Australian ballot before it, the board took no action.
9.   Membership Report – Patricia Santoro
Pat Santoro reported that she is working on the membership data base.
10. New Executive Officer and Continuation of Treasurer
Arnold Glass will be the new Executive Officer starting this summer and Sam Cameron will continue as Treasurer. Sam refused to consider accepting an honorarium for his services as Treasurer.
11. Report from APA on work with EPA – Sarah Jordan
This past year APA was contracted to provide the program book. But EPA was late in providing APA with the content for the book. In the end, Sarah had to contact invited speakers herself for pictures and biographies and ended up spending more time on the project than she had budgeted for.
12. Other Business
It was suggested that EPA should bring High School teachers of Psychology to EPA.
It was noticed in the printed program that some sessions did not have chairs. Various members of the Board agreed to go to those sessions and make certain they had chairs, even if it meant chairing the session themselves.
13. The meeting adjourned approximately 9 PM.
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