Our People

Elected Officers

President - Patricia Brooks, College of Staten Island, CUNY
Past President  - Amy Silvestri Hunter, Seton Hall University
President Elect - Jef Lamoureux, Boston College

Appointed Officers

Executive Officer - Paul Schnur 
Treasurer - Maryellen Hamilton, St. Peter’s University
Program Chair - Jennifer Thompson, University of Maryland, Global Campus
Historian – Elissa Rodkey, Crandall University, Canada

Board of Directors

Bernard Beins, Ithaca College
Catherine Caldwell-Harris, Boston University
Shaun Cook, Millersville University
Marianne Fallon, Central Connecticut State University
Fanli Jia, Seton Hall University
Lindsay Mehrkam, Monmouth University
Jason Spiegelman, Community College of Baltimore County
Eric Thrailkill, University of Vermont
Travis Todd, University of Vermont

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