Who We Are

Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) was founded in 1896 and is the oldest of the regional Psychological Associations in the United States. Its sole purpose is to advance the science and profession through the dissemination of professional information about the field of Psychology. EPA achieves this goal by conducting its annual meeting where the members of EPA present the latest advances in professional and scientific work to their colleagues. EPA welcomes psychologists from all fields across the discipline.  By becoming a member of Eastern Psychological Association, you 'join hands' with a group whose interests are as varied as the field itself. EPA proudly counts psychologists of every stripe as members from clinicians to neuroscientists; from experimental psychologists to applied psychologists in private practice, industry and the military. EPA represents all of the richness of our field, and EPA welcomes you to the community of psychology. We encourage you to join and be an active participant.

For many psychologists, the annual EPA meeting represents an important opportunity to hear what is happening across the landscape of psychology and to use that information to develop their own career. At EPA, luminaries from all areas of psychology give master lectures about the current state and future directions in their particular area of expertise. In a single day, you can be brought up to speed on the latest ideas across the field. At EPA, master teaching lectures provide tips and examples for instructors at all skill levels. EPA symposia provide platforms for discussions on technical matters as well as tenure and promotion, academic administration, laboratory and clinic management, etc.

Also at the annual meeting, publishers present the latest textbooks for your perusal and welcome discussions with prospective authors and funding agencies make themselves available for discussion and exploration of possibilities. At EPA, faculty and students can network, make connections, learn about opportunities elsewhere. Many long-time EPA members feel that at EPA they have a unique opportunity to share ideas, problems and solutions with colleagues from outside their own expertise. Often, the resulting discussion leads to a new perspective and a fresh approach to their own problem areas.

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