2023 Minutes

EPA Board of Directors

Minutes 1/13/23

  1.  Maryellen Hamilton provided an interim treasurer’s report.  Although there are challenges ahead, we’re in good financial shape.  However, we are likely to experience a modest deficit after the Boston meeting. Maryellen encouraged us all to reach out to potential members, sponsors and contributors in an effort to minimize the deficit.
  2. Paul Schnur provided an interim EO report.  Membership is down slightly and hotel reservations (64%) have not yet reached the 80% of projections to avoid penalties.  Paul described his efforts to bring in exhibitors (approx. 15) and sponsors.  In addition, tote bags, and other “swag” will be offered for sale at the meeting.    Paul also gave an update on two funding workshops and one genomics workshop to be offered at the meeting.  The workshops are another source of revenue.
  3. Jennifer Thompson, Program chair, gave an interim report on the program submissions,  

the new submissions portal, the keynote program.  She also suggested that there is a need to consider a change in Fellow privileges with respect to how Symposia are reviewed and to provide a clear statement of EPA’s expectations of “symposium” in submission instructions.  The followed a discussion of conference formats beyond talks, posters and symposia.   MOTIION:  No motion was made but one or two motions would be helpful.

  1. Strategic planning.  A wide-ranging discussion followed during which two committees were suggested and several ad-hoc were constituted:
    1. Workshop evaluation – Roseanne, Barney and Jennifer Tickle volunteered to evaluate the 2023 workshops; viz; Russell Sage Foundation, NIH, Genomics
    2. Conference evaluation – Roseanne, Marianne and Jennifer Tickle volunteered to evaluate the 2023 meeting
  2. Other committees were proposed but were not constituted: Communications, Finance and local arrangements committees (standing committee).  
    1. By-laws committee.  There was particular interest in constituting this committee as integral to strategic planning.  MOTION needed
    2. It was also proposed that each Board Member henceforth would be assigned to serve on at least one committee.  MOTION needed
  3. Other recommendations.  Additional recommendations for enhancing the upcoming conference were made including:
    1.  “badge stickers” to identify  board members, first-timers, pronouns, etc. 
    2. Invitations to non-members to attend workshops
    3. List of Boston restaurants for meeting attendees
    4. Meet and greet receptions
    5. EO will act on these
  4. Finally, Roseanne asks us to think about strategic planning, with special attention to our published statement on diversity – MOTION needed – and in terms of our vision for the near and distant future.
  5. A copy of the statement on diversity was provided for the Board's review.  


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