2022 Minutes

2022 Board of Directors Meeting

March 3, 2022, 1:00 PM 



  1. Election committee report:  Barney Beins
    1. Election results: 
      1. President -elect, Amy S. Hunter
      2. At-large members: Bernard Beins, Marianne Fallon, Jeffrey Lamoureux
  2. Membership committee report: Roseanne Flores
    1. New Fellows: Travis Todd, Robert Bornstein, Bill Whitlow
  3. Program Committee: Program Chair Jennifer Thompson presented an analysis of the meeting in terms of numbers of submissions, cost savings achieved and suggestions that the submission portal be upgraded and that future meetings employ a single submission deadline.
  4. Executive Officer’s Report: EO Paul Schnur presented meeting registration totals for the past several years, a discussion of exhibitors, sale of merchandise, a proposal for a submission portal upgrade and a proposal for membership dues increase for 2023.  Board agreed to a new structure for membership and dues increase, which will be announced before the next call for submissions.  Following a discussion, it was decided that EO solicit additional proposals for an upgraded submission portal.
  5. Historian’s report: Historian Elissa Rodkey agreed to do an analysis of submissions to the history program.
  6. Treasurer’s report:  Maryellen Hamilton presented the report on EPA assets and expenditures.  
  7. Old Business: A number of topics of old business were discussed including EPA’s commitment to increasing diversity at all levels of the organization, increasing our presence on social media and incorporating consequences for nonpayment of dues and/or official misconduct into the bylaws.
  8. New Business:  A discussion of EPA affiliates concluded that insofar as there was no mention or definition of “EPA affiliate” in the bylaws, the designation would no longer be applied.   President Bonnie Green led a discussion focusing on the value of increasing student involvement in EPA.  
  9. Executive session
  10. Adjournment
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