2021 Minutes

Board of Directors 6/25/21


Stan Weiss Memorial Fund.  David Kearns gave us a report about his discussions with the Weiss family.  They have certain conditions that they consider non-negotiable.  We discussed those concerns and clarified our own interests, support for and obligations under the fund.  David Kearns and EPA President Bonnie Green will meet with the Weiss family representatives to explain EPA’s interests in the awards and report the results of the meeting to the Board.

  1.  Fellow nominations:  The criteria and process for nomination, review and election as EPA Fellow were discussed.  The following statement, incorporating changes made by last year’s Board of Directors and continuing with the current board, were agreed to as a replacement for the current statement in the By-Laws (Article III.4):

FELLOWS shall be Members or Life Members elected by the Board of Directors on the recommendation of the Membership Committee for their significant and sustained contributions to the science of psychology in the areas of research, application, teaching, mentoring, practice or service.  Fellows must have seven years of relevant experience following the doctoral degree (or ten years following the master’s degree; demonstrate past and future commitment to EPA involvement; and be nominated by any member of EPA or be self-nominated.  As part of the review of nominees, the nominator must provide a CV for the nominee and a letter of nomination that identifies the work done by the nominee that demonstrate the following:

  1. Involvement with EPA or anticipated work that clearly denotes a commitment towards playing a leadership role in the Association by contributing to the annual meeting. 
  2. Contributions to advance the science of psychology in the areas of research, application, teaching, mentoring, practice or service. 

Additional supporting materials may also be submitted by the nominator or requested at the discretion of the Board.   

  1. Other issues re: Fellows
    1. The Board voted Fellow status for Philip Drucker.
    2. By Laws.  Privilege statement: After brief discussion, this was tabled for a future meeting
    3. Consequences for allegations of unprofessional conduct:  The Board adopted the following policy:  For any Fellow found guilty of unprofessional conduct by a university or professional society, EPA will remove that Fellow’s name from the EPA website listing of Fellows until EPA’s own review of the allegations and actions of other organizations has been completed.  
    4. Consequences for failure to pay dues (two years?)- This item was tabled.
  2. Treasurer’s report.  Maryellen gave an interim treasurer’s report, emphasizing the impact on the budget of the past two years of virtual meetings.  Moving forward, Maryellen suggested the need to economize where possible and to identify areas where savings might be found.
  3. A workgroup (Bonnie Green, Amy Hunter and Tamarah Smith) agreed to work on enhancing EPA’s presence on social media.
  4. A workgroup (Bonnie Green, Roseanne Flores, Barney Beins) agreed to work on strategies for enhancing diversity at EPA.
  5. EPA Student organization - TABLED
    1. History
    2. Role in program
  6. 2022 Meeting- TABLED

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