Undergraduates may submit a poster for the special undergraduate poster session at the 2022 Eastern Psychological Association meeting.  The standards for these proposals are more relaxed than those that apply to regular proposals. Undergraduate research submissions that meet the standard criteria for a regular poster may be accepted as such if they were submitted before the November 15 deadline. The 'Undergraduate Research' designation is to allow acceptance of undergraduate submissions that do not meet the standard criteria.   

The submissions portal is open.  Detailed instructions and guidelines for submitting a poster to the special undergraduate poster session can be found here. 

Please remember that only paid up Associates (student members) may submit proposals for the meeting. To pay dues, login at the top right of the menu, and then click on 'Renew Your Membership'.   If joining EPA as Associates for the first time, click on 'Join EPA'.  After dues are paid by credit card, clicking on  'Associate Proposals', will allow access to the proposal submission portal.  Associates must have a faculty sponsor who, at the time of the submission, is a current EPA member with dues paid for 2022 (i.e., expiration date of 5/31/2022).  Please give your faculty sponsor time to review your submission so that he/she will be in a position to approve it.  


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