EPA Fellows

In 2007, EPA’s Board of Directors established a new level of membership to honor achievement in psychology: EPA Fellow. By virtue of its honorific status, the Board intended the Fellow designation not only to increase retention of existing members but to attract new ones. The Board also hoped that the Fellows would play an important leadership role in the Association, particularly at the annual meeting. To this end, the Board voted to accept without peer review the paper, poster and/or symposium submissions of Fellows made through the normal online system by the established deadline. This privilege of automatic acceptance is given solely to the Fellow as lead author of the submission(s) in an effort to ensure a high quality program with a high level of active participation by EPA’s distinguished members. EPA Fellows may also be called upon to nominate colleagues for election to EPA Fellow. 

The following members were elected EPA Fellows by vote of the Board of Directors at its annual meeting:

Robert F. Bornstein, Adelphi University
Travis P. Todd, University of Vermont
Jesse William Whitlow, Jr.,  Rutgers University

Last Name Affiliation Year Inducted
Aaronson, Doris New York University 2010
Adler, Leonore Molloy College 2010
Allan, Lorraine McMaster University 2009
Allan, Robert Lafayette College 2009
Baker, Andy McGill University 2011
Baker, David B. University of Akron 2013
Baker, Suzanne James Madison University 2011
Balsam, Peter Columbia University 2009
Baron, Jonathan University of Pennsylvania 2009
Barlow, David Boston University 2011
Barr, Rachel Georgetown University 2010
Bartoshuk, Linda University of Florida 2010
Behrmann, Marlene Carnegie Mellon University 2012
Beins, Barney Ithaca College 2010
Benjamin, Ludy Texas A&M University 2009
Bertisch Meir, Rivka Lehman College 2010
Bigelow, George The Johns Hopkins University School Of Medicine  2008
Birnbaum, Michael California State University at Fullerton 2013
Blaisdell, Aaron University of California Los Angeles 2011
Blass, Thomas University of Maryland Baltimore County  2009
Bonato, Frederick Montclair State University 2010
Bornstein, Robert F. Adelphi University 2022
Bosack, Theodore Society for the Teaching of Psychology 2011
Bouton, Mark University of Vermont 2008
Bridges, K. Robert Pennsylvania State University 2012
Bronzaft, Arline Lehman College 2010
Brown, Bruce Queens College 2012
Brown, Michael Villanova University  2009
Brumbaugh, Claudia Queens College, CUNY 2023
Bruner, Jerome S. New York University 2013
Brunstrom, Jeff University of Bristol, UK 2013
Bubka, Andrea Saint Peter's University 2014
Buschke, Herman Albert Einstein College of Medicine 2008
Camara, Wayne Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania  2010
Cameron, Sam Arcadia University  2009
Cardello, Armand U.S. Army Natick R,D&E Center 2012
Carnell, Susan  Columbia University Medical Center 2013
Catania, Charles University of Maryland 2010
Cautin, Robin Manhattanville College 2010
Chang, Jyh-Hann  East Stroudsburg University 2018
Chrisler, Joan Connecticut College  2009
Church, Russ Brown University 2010
Conti, Richard Kean University 2014
Colwill, Ruth Brown University  2008
Contrada, Richard Rutgers University  2009
Cook, Robert Tufts University 2009
Cronin-Golomb, Alice           Boston University  2008
Crystal, Jonathon Indiana University 2013
Cuevas, Kimberly University of Connecticut 2020
Davidson, Terry American University 2013
Deaux, Kay CUNY 2010
Deci, Edward University of Rochester  2008
Delamater, Andrew Brooklyn College CUNY  2008
Denmark, Florence Pace University 2010
Dewsbury, Donald University of Florida 2013
Dickinson, Tony University of Cambridge  2011
Drucker, Philip St. John's University 2021
Dunn, Dana Moravian College  2008
Dutch, Susan Westfield State College  2009
Fagen, Jeffrey Saint John's University  2010
Fantino, Edmund University of California, San Diego  2011
Farley, Frank Temple University  2008
Ferrari, Joseph DePaul University  2008
Fields, Lanny Queen's College, CUNY 2012
Fish, Jefferson University of the District of Columbia  2010
Fisher, Paige Seton Hall University 2020
Flores, Roseanne Hunter College, CUNY 2016
Fox, Nathan University of Maryland 2016
Freeman, James University of Virginia Darden School of Business 2011
Friedman-Wheeler, Dara  Goucher College 2020
Frieze, Irene University of Pittsburgh 2013
Galanter, Eugene Columbia University 2013
Ganzel, Barbara Cornell University 2013
Geer, James Franklin & Marshall College  2008
Geisinger, Kurt University of Nebraska 2021
Geliebter, Allan Columbia University Medical Center Touro College 2013
Gelman, Rochel Rutgers University 2013
Ghirardelli, Thomas Goucher College  2009
Gielen, Uwe St. Francis College 2008
Glass, Arnold Rutgers University  2009
Goedert, Kelly Seton Hall University 2014
Golinkoff, Roberta University of Delaware 2009
Gottlieb, Daniel Sweet Briar College 2015
Greco-Vigorito, Carolyn St. John's University 2018
Green, Bonnie East Stroudsburg University 2014
Hall, Geoffrey University of York UK  2009
Hakala, Christopher Western New England University 2014
Hamilton, Maryellen Saint Peter's University 2014
Harnish, Richard Pennsylvania State University 2014
Harris, Ben University of New Hampshire 2010
Heinzen, Thomas William Paterson University 2014
Helweg-Larson, Marie Dickinson College 2014
Henriques, Gregg James Madison University 2011
Herbert, James Drexel University 2010
Herman, Peter University of Toronto, Canada 2013
Hineline, Phil Temple University 2010
Hoebel, Bartley Princeton University 2009
Hofmann, Stefan Boston University  2010
Hogan, John Saint John's University 2008
Hogan, Thomas University of Scranton  2010
Hollander, Ed Baruch College 2010
Honey, Robert Cardiff University 2010
Horvitz, Jon CUNY 2012
Howard, James Catholic University  2009
Hunt, Pamela The College of William & Mary  2008
Hunter, Amy Seton Hall University 2019
Jalbert, Norine Western Connecticut State University  2008
Javier, Rafael Art St. Johns University 2013
Joh, Amy Seton Hall University 2021
Johnson, Blair University of Connecticut 2009
Johnson-Laird, Philip Princeton University  2008
Kalat, James North Carolina State University 2008
Kaplan, Avi Temple University 2016
Kassin, Saul John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Williams College 2013
Kearns, David American University 2015
Kilb, Angela University of Plymouth 2021
Kim, Nancy Northeastern University 2014
Kiess, Harold Framingham State University 2011
Killcross, Simon University of New South Wales 2011
Kirkpatrick, Kimberly Kansas State University 2013
Kontos, Anthony Universtiy of Pittsburgh 2012
Krauss Whitbourne, Susan University of Massachusetts Amherst  2008
Krueger, Joachim  Brown University  2011
Kruschke, John Indiana University 2012
Lamoureux, Jeffrey Boston College 2020
Langer, Ellen Harvard University 2010
Lattal, Matthew Oregon Health and Sciences University 2013
Lau, Katherine SUNY, Oneonta 2021
Learmonth, Amy William Paterson University 2014
Leaton, Robert Dartmouth College  2011
Ledoux, Joseph New York University 2010
Leslie, Alan M. Rutgers University 2013
Levitsky, David Cornell University 2013
Levy, Sheri Stony Brook University 2023
Lewis, Michael Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School 2009
Liben, Lynn Penn State 2012
Lipsitt, Lewis Brown University 2010
Lloyd, Marianne Seton Hall University 2018
Loftus, Elizabeth University of California, Irvine 2011
Logan, Cheryl University of North Carolina at Greensboro 2012
Long, Gerald Villanova University 2008
Luce, Duncan University of California, Irvine 2010
MacDonall, James Fordham University 2013
Maier, Steve University of Colorado 2013
Malt, Barbara Lehigh University 2008
Matzel, Louis Rutgers University 2009
Mazur, James Connecticut State University 2012
McBride, Christine University of Mary Washington 2009
McCabe, Jennifer Goucher College 2019
McClelland, Jay Stanford University 2012
McConnell, Allen R. Miami University 2013
McCormick,Mercedes Pace University 2018
McLaren, Ian University of Exeter 2012
Mennella, Julie Monell Chemical Senses Center 2013
Miller, Ralph Binghamton University 2008
Monti, Peter Brown University 2009
Moore, John University of Massachusetts Amherst 2008
Mulvey, Edward University of Pittsburgh 2012
Myers, David Hope College 2012
Nader, Karim McGill University 2011
Nelson, J. Byron Universidad de Pais Vasco 2021
Newcombe, Nora Temple University 2008
Nodine, Barbara Arcadia University  2009
Nolan, Laurence J. Wagner College 2013
Nolan, Susan A. Seton Hall University 2014
Norcross, John University of Scranton 2008
Parker, Scott American University  2010
Pearce, John Cardiff University 2011
Pelchat, Marcia Levin Monell Chemical Senses Research Center 2013
Pepperberg, Irene Harvard University  2008
Phelps, Elizabeth New York University 2010
Phillips, Deborah Georgetown University 2011
Pickren, Wade Pace University 2009
Polivy, Janet University of Toronto, Canada 2013
Porac, Clare Pennsylvania State University 2009
Powers, Alice SUNY Stony Brook 2009
Poyrazli, Senel Penn State Harrisburg 2010
Primavera, Louis Touro College  2008
Prohaska, Vincent Lehman College 2010
Rader, Nancy Ithaca College 2017
Rajaram, Suparna Stony Brook University  2010
Rescorla, Robert University of Pennsylvania 2010
Riccio, David Kent State University 2013
Riley, Anthony American University 2015
Robinson, Terry University of Michigan 2012
Rodin, Judith University of Pennsylvania 2010
Rogers, Tim University of Wisconsin 2012
Rohner, Ronald University of Connecticut 2021
Roig, Miguel Saint John's University 2010
Rosales-Ruiz, Jesus University of North Texas 2011
Roth, Tania University of Delaware 2019
Rovee-Collier Rutgers University 2008
Rozin, Paul University of Pennsylvania


Rubin, Neil Argosy University 2010
Rutherford, Alexandra York University  2010
Ryan, William Private Practice, New York 2015
Salzinger, Kurt Hofstra University 2009
Schacter, Dan Harvard University 2011
Schaie, K. Warner Pennsylvania State University 2008
Schoenbaum, Geoffrey National Institute on Drug Abuse 2012
Schnur, Paul National Institutes of Health 2015
Shapiro, Ronald Independent Consultant 2011
Shearer, James  Spare Change News/Homeless Empowerment Project 2013
Shors, Tracey Albany State University 2010
Siegel, Shepard McMaster University  2009
Sigal, Janet Fairleigh Dickinson University 2010
Simon, Andrew Seton Hall University 2014
Sloman, Steven Brown University  2010
Smith, Tamarah Cabrini College 2018
Sobel, David Brown University 2011
Spear, Norman SUNY Binghamton  2010
Spilich, George Washington College  2009
Steele, Claude Columbia University 2010
Steingrimsson, Ragnar University of California at Irvine 2013
Sternberg, Robert Tufts University  2008
Stevens, Michael Illinois State University  2010
Stricker, Lawrence Educational Testing Service 2009
Sullivan, Regina M. New York University 2017
Sussman, Nan M. City University of New York 2013
Takooshian, Harold Fordham University  2008
Teghtsoonian, Robert Smith College  2011
Teghtsoonianm, Martha Smith College 2011
Terrce, Herbert Columbia University 2012
Thayer, Paul North Carolina State University 2008
Thompson, Jennifer University of Maryland, Global Campus 2023
Thrailkill, Eric University of Vermont 2023
Tickle, Jennifer St. Mary's College of Maryland 2021
Timberlake, William Indiana University 2011
Tobach, Ethel City University of New York 2013
Todd, Travis University of Vermont 2022
Tomie, Arthur Rutgers University 2013
Tversky, Barbara Columbia Teachers College  2010
Urcuioli, Peter Purdue University 2011
Vaughn, Leigh Ann Ithaca 2019
Velayo, Richard Pace University  2010
Vigorito, Michael Seton Hall University 2014
Wagner, Allan Yale University  2010
Wang, Alvin Y. University of Central Florida 2013
Weiss, Stan American University  2009
Wesp, Richard East Stroudsburg University 2011
Whitlow, J. William, Jr. Rutgers University 2022
Williams, Douglas University of Winnipeg 2011
Wolfe, Jeremy Brigham & Women's Hospital / Harvard Medical   2009
Wright, Jack Brown University  2011
Zanna, Mark Brown University  2008
Zaremba, Stacy Moravian College 2017
Zellner, Debra Montclair State University  2010
Zentall, Thomas University of Kentucky  2009
Zimbardo, Phil Stanford University 2010

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