2020 Minutes

EPA Board of Directors

Minutes:  March 20, 2020, Zoom meeting

Present:  Bernard Beins, Dana Dunn (Arno), Paul Schnur, Maryellen Hamilton, Jef Lamoureux, Suzie Baker, Ted Bosack, Patty Brooks, Andrea Bubka, Bonnie Green, amy Hunter, Marianne Lloyd, Tamarah Smith, Stacy Zaremba

3:00 PM

  1.  The board considered 5 individuals for Fellow status: Kim Cuevas, Paige Fisher and Elaine Friedman-Wheeler were approved unanimously. 
  2. Schnur gave an update on the pending legal case.
  3. The board discussed the options for a virtual conference and for online postings of student papers, possibly in conjunction with Psi Chi and other regional associations
  4. Beins proposed a candidate for the position of EPA Historian.

The meeting adjourned at 4:20 PM

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