President's circle

The President’s Circle Sponsorship Program honors past Presidents of EPA as well as their departmental and university affiliations at the time of their presidency. 

Founded in 1896, EPA is the oldest regional psychological association in the United States and throughout its history, our country’s most eminent psychologists have served the EPA as President.  See the list here.

The initial sponsorship fee* is $500 and continuing membership is $100 annually.  Member sponsors of the president’s club are listed on the EPA website and identified at the annual conference.  Each year, one institutional sponsor will be invited to send a current faculty member to the annual conference to provide a biography of the former president and a brief history of the department since its faculty member served as EPA president to the present time.  Travel expenses of the departmental representative will be borne by EPA.   To join or renew the President’s Circle, simply click on one of the links below.

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