2016 Minutes

Board of Directors  Meeting  Minutes
 12:00  PM  March  3,  2016    
Marriott  Marquis at Times Square, New York,  NY  
1.  12:00  PM  Lunch    
2.  12:20  PM  Call  to  Order  and  Introductions 

3.  President’s welcome
EPA President Terry Davidson welcomed the Board to the meeting.

4.  Election committee report
The election committee (Susan Nolan, chair, Marie Helweg-Larsen, Paul Schnur) reported the results of the election for President elect and new members of the Board.  Susan Krauss Whitbourne was elected President-elect.  New members of the board are Frank Farley, Roseanne Flores and Amy Learmonth.  

5.  Membership (Fellows) Committee Report
The membership committee (Fred Bonato, chair, Terry Davidson, Marie Helweg-Larson, Paul Schnur) reported that 14 nominations were received.  Three individuals met all the criteria for EPA Fellow.  The committee recommended Avi Kaplan, Nathan Fox and Amy Learmonth.  The board endorsed the recommendations.  The Board also approved a motion to allow each Fellow to nominate up to three new Fellows.  A discussion followed about strategies to formally recognize/celebrate/engage EPA Fellow status.  

6.  Program Committee Report
James Byron Nelson (chair) presented the program committee report.  There were 1142 submissions, 98 of which were rejected, resulting in 1044 events in the program.  Dr. Nelson suggested a number of improvements in the Program Control Center (PCC) as well as ideas for improving the submission process, especially for avoiding late requests for corrections to submitted abstracts.  The mobile app and improvements thereto were discussed. 

7.  Executive Officer’s Report
Paul Schnur presented the Executive Officer’s report, summarizing highlights of the current meeting, membership, exhibitors and contracts for future meetings through 2025 in Boston, Philadelphia and New York.  

8.  Historian’s Report    
Bernard Beins presented the historian’s report.  He discussed EPA holdings in the archives of the Center for the History of Psychology (University of Akron) and at the APA and noted that there are gaps in both repositories for EPA records.  Dr. Beins asked for assistance in filling the gaps.  Dr. Beins also noted that 2020 will be the 125th anniversary of the founding EPA and led a discussion about a possible celebration of the anniversary. 

9.  Treasurer’s Report
Maryellen Hamilton presented the Treasurer’s report.   The proposed budget for the 2017 meeting in Boston was approved.  The board approved an increase in the budget for PCC programming.  A discussion of the budget and fund raising followed. The webpage and Facebook page need updating.  

10.  New Business 
There was a discussion about ways to recognize teaching excellence, short of Fellow status.  The importance of increasing diversity in EPA keynote addresses and membership was acknowledged.  

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 PM.


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