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Claremont Graduate University’s Applied Social Psychology program is unique in its commitment to health and social issues. For decades, our program has committed to the application of social psychological theory to improve the world in which we live. Our faculty has achieved success in developing and applying social psychological theory across numerous domains including social identity, minority influence, and a variety of health domains (e.g., psychoactive substance use, organ donor registration, depression). Likewise, our students have published in the top journals and have acquired positions in universities around the world as well as in private corporations (e.g., Google, Hulu) and government (e.g., Centers for Disease Control, Food and Drug Administration, Office of Management and Budget).

Even though we are committed to basic social psychology, we take great pride in our commitment to addressing social problems in the real world. Our program focuses on the unique reciprocal relationship between the development of fundamental theory and its application to pressing social issues. We believe these two activities – theory development and its application – reinforce and refine the other. We are proud to have a faculty that places equal value on the importance of applied and basic social psychology.

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