Film Festival

EPA Film Festival
The festival is part of the meeting.  So there is no extra charge and there are no tickets to obtain.
Location: Fulton Ferry Room
Friday, March 5th
As increasingly life-like robots move from science labs and factories into our homes, how will human beings interact with these machines?
Yuka, almost 200 pounds and fast approaching fifty, decides the time has come to lose weight in hopes of becoming healthier and happier.
Over the last ten to fifteen years, the development of psychoanalysis in China reflects the changing needs of a society that is just learning how to express personal feelings.
4.      How Happy Can You Be: A Film by Line Hatland (81 minutes)
What is happiness? And how do we get more of it? Visiting leading figures in positive psychology and observing clinical experiments, this is a light-hearted but serious investigation.
The life and work of one of the most important neuroscientists of the 20th century, Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel.
6.      Untold Desires: Directed by By Eva Orner and Sarah Stephens (57 minutes)
Powerful documentary about people with disabilities who struggle to be recognized as sexual beings, free to explore their sexuality and to lead sexually fulfilling lives
Saturday, March 6th
Location: Fulton Ferry Room
1.      Children of the Stars: Directed by Alexander Haase & Rob Aspey (49 minutes)
The harsh reality of raising children with autism in modern day China, and a painful reminder of conditions that prevailed in the United States not so long ago.
Neuroscientists and psychologists are approaching a common understanding of how the brain's fear circuitry works, and changes.
3.      The 3 Rooms of Melancholia: A Film by Pirjo Honkasalo (104 minutes)
An award-winning, stunningly beautiful revelation of how the Chechen War has psychologically affected children in Russia and in Chechnya.
4.      Selling Sickness: Directed by Catherine Scott. Produced by Pat Fisk. Co-written by Ray Moynihan (52 minutes)
Explores the unhealthy relationships between society, medical science and the pharmaceutical industry as it promotes not just drugs but also the latest diseases that go with them.
5.      The Secret Life of Babies: A Film by Bernard George (86 minutes)
A two-part examination of the psychological development of babies, from intrauterine life to the first months after birth. How do fetuses and babies perceive their worlds, and ours?
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