Keynotes 2023


The EPA program committee is excited to offer a program of keynote addresses from outstanding researchers across the broad spectrum of psychological specialties.  Be sure to join us March 2-4 for another exciting EPA conference featuring these lectures plus papers, posters and symposia that explore the frontier of basic science and application.  

Debbie Bangasser, Ph.D. (Temple University)
Behavioral Neuroscience Keynote
Title:  The Effect of Early Life Resource Scarcity on Motivated Behavior

Daniel Schachter, Ph.D. (Harvard University)
Cognitive Keynote
Title: Constructive Episodic Simulation in Memory, Imagination, and Creativity 

Stephen Chew, Ph.D. (Samford University)
Teaching Keynote
Title:  Student Trust in the Teacher: An Overlooked but Critical Factor in Student Learning

Kimber Bogard, Ph.D. (National Academy of Medicine)
Presidential Keynote, Applied Psychology Keynote
Title: Applying Psychological Science to Policy: A Professional Journey on a Road Less Traveled

Samuel Sommers, Ph.D. (Tufts University)
Social Psychology Keynote
Title:  Using Social Psychology to Study Racism: Classrooms, Courtrooms, and Daily Experiences with Discrimination

Kathryn McHugh, Ph.D. (Harvard University, McLean Hospital)
Clinical Psychology Keynote
Title:  The Opioid Epidemic: Where Are We Now and What Comes Next?

Roseanne Flores, Ph.D. (Hunter College, CUNY Graduate Centers)
President's Keynote Address
Title:  TBA 

Bernard Balleine, Ph.D. (UCLA )
R.L. Solomon Distinguished Lecture
Title:  TBA

Sherry Pagoto, Ph.D. (University of Connecticut)
Psi Chi Keynote
Title: Tweet, Snap, and Like It! Using Social Media for Health Promotion

Elizabeth Bonawitz, Ph.D. (Harvard University)
Developmental Psychology Keynote
Title: Developing Wonder: Computational, Neurological, and Behavioral Experiments of Children's Curiosity & Learning

Louis Schmidt, Ph.D. (McMaster University)
International Keynote
Title:  The Ecology of Human Shyness

Theopia Jackson, Ph.D. (Saybrook)
History of Psychology Keynote
Title: Apologies, Reconciliation, and Restitution: You Got to Give the People, Give the People What They Want!

Michael Fanselow, Ph.D. (UCLA)
Learning Keynote
Title:  TBA

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