Eastern Psychological Association

Please Read Instructions For Choosing Membership Category on Next Page, Carefully

If you have a PhD or other terminal degree then you must join as a member.  Members may submit one proposal each for a paper, poster, and symposium for the annual meeting.  The submitting member must be the first author of the paper or poster and must be the chair of the symposium.  EPA members may vote for officers of the association, and may stand for elective office themselves. Membership dues/registration are $85 before December 1, $110 between December 1 and February 25, and $150 after February 25, including onsite. There are no additional fees for attending the meeting.

The dues/registration fee structure is the same for Fellows. You cannot join as a Fellow unless you are invited to do so by EPA.  Life Members are appointed and pay no dues/registration. You cannot join as a Life Member. 

To acknowledge and celebrate EPA’s 125th anniversary, the EPA Board of Directors has established a new category of membership, the Anniversary Society.  This level of membership is available to all members and fellows.  Membership in the Anniversary Society signifies a special commitment to EPA’s mission and carries a number of additional external benefits:  a designation in the program as a “125th year member,” recognition at the meeting, and additional EPA merchandise.  The cost of joining EPA as an Anniversary Society member is $125 before December 1.  You may choose this option on the following page.

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